History Of UPH A Crafty Southern Pub - Pensacola, FL

The Union Public House is a crafty southern pub where it all comes together. Excellent food and drinks combined with unparalleled customer service is our mission. Fresh and creative ingredients will be paired with fresh and creative ideas. Exceptional food, superb drinks, and stellar service will be the norm.

UPH will provide a friendly, clean, and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy with family, friends, and even strangers. Each customer and employee will be treated with dignity and respect. We will work to improve our community and to give back in ways that will have a lasting impact.

We are confident that UPH will not be just another pub. It will be the one that others strive to emulate. With our attention to detail combined with our commitment to the community, UPH will be a Pensacola tradition for years to come.

Blake Rushing


There is no doubt that fresh tastes better. As a chef, I am faced with many options for food suppliers. My promise to my community is to provide patrons with not only the freshest ingredients but also those ingredients that are sustainably and humanely harvested. By focusing on local gardens, seafood from the Gulf of Mexico and quality meats from Florida, Alabama and Mississippi, I prepare delicious meals for my community while supporting the local economy. Furthermore, I enjoy combining local ingredients with both traditional and exotic ingredients from around the world. Through this unique yet tasteful combination, I am able to provide my patrons with the unmatched experience of a local meal with a worldly taste.


Blake Rushing enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy in Orlando, Florida, in 2003. He excelled in all areas of the culinary program. While in school, his first restaurant experience was at Wolfgang Pucks in Downtown Disney. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and was one of the top twenty students in his class. To fulfill his degree, Blake completed a three-month internship in London at the world-famous Savoy Grill. The Savoy Grill launched Blake's real culinary education and proved to be an exciting start to his career.

After completing his internship at the Savoy, Blake moved back to the United States to graduate from Le Cordon Bleu and prepare for long term employment in London back at the Savoy. During Blake's full-time employment at the Savoy, the restaurant earned the highly sought after Michelin Star ranking. Two and half years into Blake's experience at The Savoy Grill, he was invited to help open restaurateur Gordon Ramsay’s first US restaurant in New York City. Blake worked as a Sous Chef in the extremely strict, fast paced environment and strived to keep the kitchen running smoothly.  In 2007, less than one year after opening, Gordon Ramsey at the London in New York City earned two Michelin Stars.

In order to begin learning a different style of cooking, Blake moved from the Gordon Ramsey Company to Lumière in Vancouver, British Columbia. At Lumière, Blake was able to incorporate the use of West Coast flavors with his classic French style training. Daniel Boulud took it over shortly after his arrival and cooking alongside the great French chef was quit the treat.

Finally, missing life near his family in the paradise that is Pensacola, Florida, Blake decided to bring his career home. Blake's first venture in Pensacola was opening Elise, Coastal Dining. In less than three months, all of the restaurant's hard work paid off as Elise was recognized by the prestigious James Beard Foundation with a  nomination for Best New Restaurant in the country. Also during Blake's time at Elise, he was featured in Southern Living magazine for his house cured bacon.

Blake's next project was to start his catering company, Spot On Catering. During this time, he also developed and opened his next restaurant concept called Type. The restaurant's menu changed monthly which allowed him to present a wide variety of dishes and new recipes to patrons.

When Blake and Patrick Bolster began talking about the development of what is now Union Public House, Blake quickly realized that the pub was an opportunity to bring something special to Pensacola. He chose to devote his time to UPH and eventually closed Type to focus solely on the new pub.

Blake now spends his time and talent making UPH the best pub in Pensacola with his unique take on Southern and traditional pub dishes.

Blake is grateful for his talents and life experiences that have made him the Chef he is today. He is also extremely grateful for the loving, strong support he has received from his family during his on going adventure as a culinary scientist.

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”
- Luciano Pavarotti

Patrick Bolster

Pat Bolster, a Family Man and lover of the Pensacola area, is an owner and manager of the Union Public House. Prior to UPH, Pat opened and managed 5 ½ Bar, the first classic cocktail bar in downtown Pensacola, where he honed his craft and helped raise the tide of the local bartending scene.

Growing up, Pat’s original goal in life was to be a college basketball player, but after achieving a taste of it by earning a Walk-on Scholarship to a local Junior College, he quickly realized the goal wasn’t going to sustain him.  Then, in 2001, he was given an opportunity by a close friend to work at a local restaurant that was his first gig in the service Industry.  Working his way up the ladder and refining his skill set at each place he landed, Pat was finding it harder and harder to stay away from the business. Further, Pat won his first bartending competition in 2008, followed by a string of victories ranging from local to national invitations which included placing 14th in the United States for the Campari Apertivo Competition in New York City (2012) and winning Florida’s Fernet Branca Cocktail Competition (2015). Pat has also been a proud member of the United States Bartenders Guild (USBG) via Tampa since 2010 and plans on helping organize a USBG Chapter for his hometown.

Above all achievements, Pat mostly enjoys being a part of the bartending community that has filled him full of friendships and inspiration. His new goal in life is to stay local and help guide the next generation of Pensacola area bartenders towards success.


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