Southern Chefs Do It Bestwith Amy Potmesil of Union Public House

Union Public House has quickly become one of Pensacola’s favorite dining spots since opening a little over a year ago. Started by Blake Rushing and Patrick Bolster, the crafty southern pub has a team of talented people putting out unique and tasty dishes every night.

Union Public House’s Chef de Cuisine, Amy Potmesil, won Best Up-and-Coming Chef in Inweekly’s most recent Best of the Coast and was the only female in the category.

“At an early age, I became fascinated with my mother’s cookbooks,” Potmesil said. “I could always be found in the kitchen, and after I graduated from Florida State University, I decided to pursue my true passion for food.”

Potmesil said that she enrolled in the Art Institute of Atlanta culinary program and remained in the city for almost a decade, learning as much as she could from the best chefs in the city. She then moved back to Pensacola in 2012 to put her skills to work.

“While I was sous chef at Grand Marlin, I was approached by Blake Rushing to join him in opening Union Public House,” she said. “Through all the planning stages, recipe testing, etc., to where it is today, it was an exciting experience to watch it become a huge success. Working alongside Blake has taught me new approaches to food, flavors and techniques.”

Potmesil said that she has a heavy influence of southern farm to table cuisine from the years she spent in Atlanta.

“I like to mesh those with the flavors of the Gulf Coast,” she said. “My love of seafood is a big part of why I became a chef.”

Potmesil said that she likes to cook what is seasonal and whatever interesting ingredients she can get her hands on.

“I love finding the balance between flavors and textures in dishes, finding that last element that can take it to the next level,” she said. “I also like to follow what’s trending in the culinary world. I love the challenge of trying new techniques or working with a new product I’ve discovered.”

Potmesil’s enthusiasm for crafting a solid dish and dedication to the craft is just one of the many reasons Pensacola is lucky to have her as a chef.

Her advice to women chasing a culinary dream: “It’s a tough business with a lot of physical demands, but if you have dreams of being a chef, always stay focused on the long-term goals. Find chefs you admire and work for them, learn as much as you can. It’s a long road, but if you keep pushing yourself, you will find that it does pay off. Being able to do what I love everyday makes that long road it took to get here 100 percent worth it.”

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